Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon
Dedicated to the humane treatment of feral cats and to the prevention of future generations

FCCO Spay/Neuter Clinics

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FCCO has two medical facilities. Our free-standing clinic opened in the fall of 2008 in Portland. In addition to an anesthesia room and prep area, it has a surgery suite with four surgery tables, allowing us to have an additional doctor performing spays and thereby increasing our efficiency. Our mobile clinic is fully-equipped with an anesthesia room, prep area, and three operating stations and travels to cities outside of Portland. Both clinics follow the same procedures and offer the same services.

Free-standing clinic   Mobile clinic
clinic Our free-standing clinic is in Portland. Our mobile clinic is fully equipped and has travelled to many different communities. mobile hospital
Staging What a sight! After the cats are checked-in they await surgery. All traps and carriers are covered to keep the cats calm. carriers
orangecat These two felines nervously await their turn for surgery. Soon they'll be returned to their caregivers. cat_in_trap
anesthesia Cats awaiting surgery are transported to the anesthesia room, the rear door of the mobile hospital, 4-5 at a time. Once anesthetized, each cat receives a pain relief injection and is passed to the prep area. anesthesia
Prep In the prep area, cats are prepped for surgery and male cats are neutered. prep1
eartipped All cats' ears are tipped [see a photo] so that they can be easily identified as having already participated in a spay/neuter clinic. prep2
surgery Four veterinarians can spay cats simultaneously in our free-standing facility and three doctors can operate at a time in our mobile surgical suite. surgery
recovery All cats are monitored in recovery until they are fully awake and then they are sent home with their caregiver. recovery