Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon
Dedicated to the humane treatment of feral cats and to the prevention of future generations

Caregiver Application and Information

FCCO services are provided for feral, stray or barn cats.

  • Domestic cats who are part of a human family do not qualify. Click here for services for pets. All cats that come to our clinics need to be screened and have a reservation.

Once we receive your Caregiver Application, we will call to schedule you.

  • In Portland, phone messages are returned and call backs to schedule from Caregiver Applications are made from 10am - 2pm on Monday through Friday.

  • Each city handles reservations differently. Call the city in your area for specific instructions on their process. Cats without a reservation will be turned away. Cats who do not qualify, as determined by our reception volunteers, may be turned away at the reception desk.

Click here to complete the Caregiver Application for the Portland area.

Please note: If you are outside of the Portland area please call the clinic number for the city nearest you. The phone numbers are listed beside each clinic on our schedule found on this website. Clinics are often filled in advance - for the safety of the cats DO NOT TRAP WITHOUT AN EXISTING RESERVATION.

Thank you for caring for feral and stray cats! We truly appreciate your commitment and are here to help. Below are some links that may be helpful. You may also call our main line at 503-797-2606 with questions.

Trapping Instructions

Colony Care Guide
(Alley Cat Allies)